Financial Services Guide

This financial services guide is an important document that we are required to provide to you under the terms of the MCA Financial Planners Pty Limited Australian Financial Services Licence. It is designed to be read by you to assist in your decision of whether to use any of the Super Refunds Pty Ltd services.

This Financial Services Guide includes the following information:

  • About Super Refunds Pty Ltd
  • Our Financial Services
  • Information about costs, fees and other benefits
  • If you have a complaint
  • Privacy

About Super Refunds Pty Ltd

Super Refunds Pty Ltd (ABN 79 099 907 669)  is registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission under Authorised Representative number  343244. Super Refunds Pty Ltd is a registered agent of MCA Financial Planners Pty Limited AFSL 223610. Super Refunds Pty Limited is a NON ADVISORY service. Super Refunds Pty Limited is authorised to deal in a range of financial products including deposit and payment products, managed funds, insurance, retirement savings accounts, superannuation & allocated pensions.
Super Refunds Pty Limited was established to meet the needs of self directed investors who chose to make their own financial decisions with respect to their investments, superannuation, pensions, insurances and borrowings.
Super Refunds Pty Limited is not owned or controlled by any insurance or investment company nor do we promote or recommend the policies or investments of one company over another.
Professional Indemnity Insurance. 
MCA Financial Planning and your financial adviser maintain a professional indemnity (PI) Insurance policy.  This insurance covers advice, actions and recommendations which have been authorised by MCA Financial Planning to be provided by your adviser. These arrangements satisfy the requirements imposed by the Corporations Act 2001 and financial services regulations.

Our Financial Services

What financial services do we provide?
Super Refunds Pty Limited operates an investment and insurance placing service for the independent investor who simply needs a broker to assist with the placement of investments, superannuation, pensions and insurances. Super Refunds Pty Limited can provide factual information and general advice regarding those financial products and services which come within the scope of the AFS licence we operate under.
Super Refunds Pty Limited may also provides services which fall outside the scope of the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) we operate under. These services either do not require an AFSL or are conducted and provided by partner firms who do operate under the appropriate AFSL for the particular type of service they provide. Services which fall into this category include mortgage broking.    
Will we give advice that has regard to your specific financial situation and needs?
No. Super Refunds Pty Limited is a NO ADVICE business. As such we will not make any recommendation as to the merits of any financial product we are authorised to deal in and can be purchased through us.
All information that you may read on the Super Refunds Pty Limited website has not taken into account any particular person's financial needs or objectives and no opinion has been made with respect to the merits of any of the investments or insurances that are available to be purchased via the use of this website. This should be considered prior to making a decision on the purchase of any financial product available via the use of this website. You should seek appropriate advice should you have any questions regarding any investment or insurance product.  

Information About Costs, Fees and Other Benefits 

What fees, commissions and or other benefits are received by SuperRefunds ?
Super Refunds Pty Limited adds value to our members by refunding entry fees on investments and insurances and the trailing commissions on these products on an annual basis.
Specifics about how the Super Refunds Pty Limited Service operates depend on the type of financial product involved. This information is listed below.
Managed Funds, Superannuation and Pension funds, Structured Product Investments & Agri-business MIS:
When you purchase an investment through us we will include 100% of the upfront commission on managed funds, superannuation funds, and allocated pensions, along with any trailing commissions collected on these funds which will be credited to your Super Refunds member account and will be available to be refunded to you at the end of the anniversary month of your membership in line with the Super Refunds member account policy.
Personal Insurance Policies
When you purchase a personal insurance policy through iRefund we will refund 50% of the initial upfront commission paid to us by the insurer. This 50% refund will be refunded upon the completion of the first 13 months of the policies commencement and premium payments to the insurer.
Trailing commissions collected on personal insurance policies will be credited to your member refund account and will be available to be refunded to you at the end of the anniversary month of your membership in line with the Super Refunds member account policy
Member Account Policy
On the anniversary of your membership, Super Refunds Pty Limited will refund an amount equal to 50% of the first $1,000, plus 100% of the remaining balance of your member account. Super Refunds Pty Limited will only retain a maximum amount of $500 for our services. 100% the balance of your member account is returned to the Super Refunds Pty Limited member.
This refund policy is represented in the following table


Member Account balance
Members Refund Split
Super Refunds Split
The first $1,000
50 %
50 % ($500 maximum)
Amounts in excess of $1,000
100 % (unlimited amount)
Nil %

What remuneration and other benefits are received by our employees ?
Super Refunds Pty Limited employees do not receive specific payments or commissions for the services they provide to you. These employees and the directors receive salaries, bonuses and other benefits from us. We may also reward our staff with monetary and non-monetary incentives and benefits from time to time depending on performance.

If You Have a Complaint

Super Refunds Pty Limited is committed to resolving any customer complaints quickly and fairly. If you have a complaint regarding any of the services we provide please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
  1.  As a first step, please contact us by phone on 0432 895 465 during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday. If your complaint can not be resolved to your satisfaction over the phone, please write to The Public Relations Officer, Super Refunds Pty Limited, PO Box 7098, REDHEAD NSW 2290. We will let you know when we have received your complaint and the public relations officer will attempt to resolve your complaint within 30 days.
  2.  If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, please put your complaint in writing and address it to: The Compliance Officer, MCA Financial Planners, Suite 2/3 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201.
  3.  If your complaint can still not be resolved (or you have not received a satisfactory response within 45 days, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001 (Phone: 1300 780 808 Fax: 03 96136399 Website:


Super Refunds Pty Limited is committed to ensuring that the privacy of your personal information is protected. We understand the importance of protecting your personal details and restrict access to this information to Super Refunds Pty Limited staff and affiliated partners for the purpose of providing members with the Super Refunds Pty Limited services. Super Refunds Pty Limited is committed to our member's privacy and will make every reasonable endeavour to protect the personal details of our members.


Contact with the Super Refunds Pty Limited office can be made by the following methods -

Ph: 0432 895 465
email: admin@
Mail: PO Box 7098, REDHEAD NSW 2290